Photoshoot fun/ Derailed trains/ The cold from HELL!!

Well, what a busy, busy week it's been! Sadly, I was ill for most of it which meant I had to miss one of my favourite events of the year - Halloween :( I have to admit, being all alone in the flat while every man and his dog was out partying in Aberdeen, and then seeing all the pictures on Facebook the next day was pretty soul destroying. But hey, this means that sometime soon my flatmates and I will have to organise a fancy dress party at our place so I can wear my costume... I guess you could say there's a silver lining in the cloud!

A highlight of the week though was definitely Saturday! As you probably already know, for university we have to complete a photo shoot/fashion spread for this years RGU fashion management magazine and our group had a BALL!! A few last minute complications meant that I had to step up to the plate and model for our group, which naturally, I was extremely nervous about to begin with, but it turned out to be a whole lot of fun and more! Our photographers were amazing and completely captured the theme and look we were going for! Here is a wee behind the scenes look at our "shipwrecked" shoot:

Freezing my tiny self off for an hour and a half on a very cold afternoon on the beach was totally worth it because the pictures turned out GREAT! Who wants a sneaky peak?...

Okay, thats your lot for now!

So after a long busy week, there was nothing I was looking forward to more than visiting home for a whole 6 days, to relax and spend some quality time with my family... If only things were that simple! Due to a train derailment between Montrose and Arbroath on Sunday morning, all Aberdeen-Edinburgh trains were cancelled, which meant my trip home had to be delayed by a day. Sad times. Managing to book a cheap train home last night (first class on East Coast, may I add...) for this afternoon, waiting an extra day to go home didn't seem that bad at all... If only things were that simple! On awakening this morning to find that there were still no trains running south of Montrose, I got myself in a state wondering if I would ever get home for this week! Luckily, Scotrail were running buses to Dundee train station to replace the cancelled trains, so after a long bus ride, further followed by a long train ride to Stirling, nothing made me happier than seeing my dad's smiling face waiting to pick me up at the station. After a long day of traveling I am finally home and blogging from my cozy living room, surrounded by family... bliss.

Being home for the week means i'll have a ton of time to post lots of fashion-y related things on my blog so watch this space!

Until next time,
Stay Classy,

Suz x


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