Fabulous Lashes For The Last Of The Festive Season.


First off, semester one of second year at uni is over, and as creating this blog was essentially a piece of coursework, I don't need to continue making posts. HOWEVER, I've enjoyed blogging so much that I've decided to keep SuzyBlue alive and continue blogging until my hearts content! Moving on....

I hope everyone has had a brilliant christmas! Mine was fantastic-being home surround by family and friends is just perfect and I don't want it to end and I refuse to believe Christmas is over!!

That being said, New Years is just around the corner which brings me to this post. I'm quite excited about this as I was actually requested to do this post, which made me very happy as now I know at least one person enjoys my blog!! By the title, you can probably tell what this is going to be about...FALSIES!

False eyelashes are one of my most favourite beauty essentials, they add instant glamour to every look but it can be extremely tricky to apply them until you master the skill! This is where I come in! I'm going to show you a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way for quick and easy eyelash application.

The lashes I'm using today are the special addition Girls Aloud 10th Anniversary eyelashes. I saw these in Superdrug and just HAD to have them. The lashes get noticeably thicker towards the edges which makes for a great cat eyed effect.

Start by opening your lashes and giving them a little bend and a wiggle to loosen them up from being set in the packaging. I like to place the eyelashes between tweezers as I find it's easier to work with. Apply a thick layer of glue to the rim of your lashes and wait for it to get tacky (I usually blow on mine for around 30 seconds) If your lashes are still super wet from the glue, they will be sliding all over the place when you try to stick them down which makes the process even more fiddly than it already is!

Still holding the lashes in your tweezers, apply the MIDDLE of your fake eyelashes to your lash line. Wait a couple of more seconds so they really stick down. Next using your fingers, or your tweezers (which ever is easiest) push the outer edge of your false lashes down on to your lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds.

Next press the lashes down into the inner corner of your eye. I then like to lightly pinch my fake eyelashes together with my real eyelashes to help them blend together, this also helps push them right down into your lash line for a more realistic look. If you apply your lashes too high up on your eyelid, it looks ridiculously fake and unnatural-BE AWARE!

I like to gently push my lashes upward so they don't stick straight out and then press them down one last time with the opposite end of my tweezers just to make sure they are well and truly stuck!

The next few steps are optional, I like to do this to help blend the fake lashes into my real lashes for a more natural and realistic look. Taking a black eye pencil, line your upper lash line blending down to hide the rim of your falsies. I also like to line or "tightline" my upper waterline line just so there is no pale gap between my waterline and where my fake eyelashes are glued on.

I then like to very GENTLY curl my fake lashes and real lashes together. Be careful if you decide to do this step, pressing down too hard with your eyelash curler will result in you having weird, spider like lashes-not a good look! Finally blend your lashes together with mascara and you're all done!

TADAA!! Fabulous eyelashes in just a few simple steps!

I hope this little picture tutorial has been somewhat helpful and that all you ladies are strutting around with super fabulous lashes on new years!

Happy New Year when it comes and be safe whatever you're doing. As my dad would say, "Be good, but if you can't be good, be careful" Hope you all have a great night tomorrow,

Until next time,
Stay classy,

Suz x


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