Cambridge//London//One Direction Madness

I've never been to Cambridge before so when my friend Anna, who lives there for college, invited me down to stay for a few days, I jumped at the chance! As soon as she mentioned that we could take the train into London while I was down and spend a night there too, my flights were booked in an instant. Being the biggest One Direction fangirl on the planet, I happened to know that they would be playing a show at the O2 arena the exact date that we would be in was meant to be! After managing to get our hands on some last minute tickets, everything was booked up and my trip was shaping up very nicely! 
Just three short weeks later, I hopped on a 6am flight down to Stansted and then took the train into Cambridge where I found Anna waiting for me at the station with open arms. We then headed back to her flat where I dumped my case and took a quick nap before catching the train to London. 
Me being an absolute pro at working the underground, I managed to get us to our hotel in plenty of time for a quick visit to the flagship Topshop on Oxford Street before having to leave for the concert. 

Arriving at the O2 was MADNESS-it was literally One Direction City...and I loved it. Upon making our way to the entrance, I spotted one of my favourite Youtubers, Tanya Burr and her fiancee (who also makes videos) Jim Chapman. Being an avid watcher, subscriber and fangirl of both these youtube stars, I found myself yelling their names to try and get their attention. If this situation wasn't embarrassing enough, seconds before noticing them, I spilt my bottle of water all down myself so my face, clothes, everything was dripping! However, aside from all of my personal embarrassment, they were nice enough to come over and have a chat with me and stop for pictures. 

In hindsight, I wish I could have thought of something better to say that "oh my god I love your videos I watch them everyday i'm a huge fan" but I was flustered and wet and too excited at the prospect of seeing One Direction, that those were the only words that came out of my mouth!

Speaking of One Direction, they were just fabulous, I didn't sit down once for the duration of the concert and loudly sang every lyric to every song and jumped around for the whole evening. If Niall waving at us wasn't enough, it turns out being two of the select few over 14 amidst 20,000 screaming teenies, has its perks as when they sang their cover of Teenage Dirtbag, being the only two that knew all the words caught the attention of the film crew (who were there filming for One Directions 3D movie) and so they came up, pulled us out of the crowd and filmed us for the whole song! Brilliant!

Day 2 in London involved lots and lots of sightseeing and of! We visited Tower Bridge, The Shard, the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster and Piccadilly circus. After all that, we headed back to the O2 to take a trip to 1D world which was just an explosion of excitement on my part and can pretty much be summed up by this picture...

After that, we headed back to Oxford Street for some final hours of shopping before catching the train back to Cambridge.
The next two days involved lazing in bed, watching movies and sightseeing around Cambridge, which is just beautiful, before flying back to Scotland 
late Sunday night. 

Thank you sooooo much Anna for letting me come stay with you, no doubt i'll be back very soon and we can do it all again!

Until next time,
Stay classy
Suz x

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  1. AH amazing! SO jealous love 1D and I love Tanya & Jim!
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    1. Your blog is simply gorgeous! You also have a new follower... x

  2. Lovely London, lovely Cambridge! Two of my favourite spots on Earth! Silly story about being YouTube star-struck!

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