♡REVIEW: Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum♡

I always get excited when my foundation runs out because it's the perfect excuse to try a new one. So far, i've yet to find the perfect foundation, i've tried everything from MAC and Laura Mercier to Maybelline and Rimmel. Before my bottle ran out, I did in fact swear by Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, it was light, with buildable coverage and didn't clog my skin. But being a beauty junkie, I can't just stick to one product all my life so as I was nearing the end of the bottle, I was itching to try a new one!

After hours scrolling through beauty blogs, and youtubing reviews of drug store foundations, one product kept popping up, which is the one that I ended up purchasing-Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum. Bourjous have various versions of this foundation: the original healthy mix, the new healthy mix, and the healthy mix serum. I went for the serum because it intrigued me, made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula, bourjous claims that imperfections are erased, signs of fatigued are smoothed and skin's radiance is boosted for up to 16hrs. The fact that it is also described as a gel foundation intrigued me further so off I went to boots to pick up a bottle.

The foundation itself is lovely. It glides on easily leaving the skin with a beautiful glow, however, if you have oily prone skin, it may make you look shiny-but nothing a little powder can't fix. The coverage is very light, but buildable so if you prefer a thick, heavy duty foundation, this product won't be for you. I like it because I hate feeling like i'm wearing a mask when I put my foundation on and I hate products that make my face look caked. 

The dewy finish of this foundation makes my skin look awake and wonderfully healthy however it lasts no where near 16 hours and I do have to keep touching it up during the day.

Overall, i'd give this product a 7/10. It gives my skin a beautiful finish but can sometimes make me look shiny, and it's staying power isn't as good as it makes out to be. But its still a good product and i'll definitely continue using it. 

Has anyone tried any of the other versions of the healthy mix foundation? Do they differ from the serum? Let me know :)

Until next time, 
Stay classy

Suz x

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