♡REVIEW: Soap and Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara♡

Soap and Glory, is in my opinion, quite an underrated brand. I've tried out a few of their products over the past few months and have yet to be disappointed. So when it was time to buy a new mascara, I was excited to see that this one was recommended to me by a few of you on twitter. At £10.50, my first thought was that it was a bit pricey for a 10ml mascara, considering their "show good face" foundation/primer is £11 for a 30ml tube. But none the less, I needed a new mascara so bought it anyway!

Soap and Glory boast that their "7-SIDED FAN FLARE-180™ brush with a V-groove" lays down volume & intensity, and a "network of combing & curling surfaces give length, definition and DRAMA" to lashes. Furthermore, "strength-building COLLAGEN PRE-PEPTIDES and LONG-STRETCH POLYMERS wrap lashes in a flexible, lengthening film for NO FLAKE24 all-day wear technology." All sounds very exciting doesn't it? 

With all the hype, I was dying to give this product a try, however, I was left feeling disappointed. The mascara does lengthen and lift my lashes and makes my eyes appear more open...but thats about it! It's staying power is good, I was pleased to notice that the product stays put all day and doesn't flake off but I was really expecting more from such a hyped up product.

I mean, the mascara isn't bad, but it doesn't "wow" me-and I definitely feel it's not worth £10.50. I did notice however, If I curl my lashes before and after applying this product, they do appear significantly longer and lifted.

All in all, this product is OK, but i'm unsure if I will be repurchasing. If I had to rate it, I'd give this mascara a 6/10...maybe I should have just stuck to my beloved Maybelline "The Falsies"

Whats your favourite mascara, can anyone recommend a good one for when mine runs out?

Until next time, 
Stay classy

Suz x


  1. my favourite mascara at the moment is Rimmel's lash accelerator endless :)

    I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award; here's the link to click on my post -----> http://dollpartsvintageheart.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    amy xx

    1. ahhhh thank you so much thats amazing! :) xxx

  2. Hi, great post love! I see you're studying Fashion Management in Aberdeen, i've got 3 choices for September and that's one of them :)

    Please check out my blog and perhaps we could follow each other?


    1. Thank you!! Oh my goodness that amazing! Deffo choose Aberdeen, it's the best one haha :) I never thought i'd enjoy it as much as I am :)

      Of course, no problem doll x

    2. I'll be going into 3rd year as i'm at college just now, you done 3rd year? Is it more the design side or business side of fashion? I'm more into the business side like buying and merchandising :)

    3. I'll be going into third year after summer too, so we'll most likely be in the same class :) It's definitely more the business side than design, although we do touch on that :) x

    4. Thats cool, i'm stuck between Fashion Management or International Retail Marketing. Sooo if i choose Aberdeen hopefully see you there :) X

  3. Seems like a pretty good mascara! I've only tried S&G hair conditioner I need to treat myself to some other goodies from the brand I think?!

    Kylie x

  4. recently came across your blog and love the posts! please check out my new blog! :)
    angharad x

  5. I was disappointed with this mascara as well to be honest.



  6. OMG! You have an amazing blog. Honestly, I love it.

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  7. Love your blog!


  8. i love soap and glory! i always think i get my money's worth out of it too - they're great products :) <3 <3


  9. check out my blog & follow if you like :)



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