Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Wahhhh i'm alive I promise! I feel like i've been living in Kurt Geiger recently with the amount of hours i've been working (not complaining...pennies!). This, plus an issue with my editing software, has forced me to take an unplanned hiatus from blogging (which i'm super sad about because i'm itching to post more!) Hopefully everything will be sorted out within the next week and I will be back to posting regularly again! But for now, heres my week in instagram pics :)
Selena Gomez "Come And Get It" makeup inspired by Tanya Burr's video
Fun studio shoot with Fiona Rennie
Bought some raspberry and white chocolate macaroons (yummy!)
New shoes getting their first outing
Fangirling over Iggy Azelea at R1BW
The colour my hair will be going this summer (mollie king is FIT)

Until next time,
Stay classy

Suz x