♡DIY: Christmas Decoration Ideas♡

Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of the year and yes, I am that girl who always wants to start decorating and getting into the Christmas spirit ridiculously early!! Last week, our flat caught the craft bug, we've been busy bee's making and creating our own Christmas decorations! We got most of our ideas from Bethany Mota's "roomspiration" video, although we put our own little twist on each of the decorations. 

Something as simple as changing your bedding can make a HUGE difference to your room and definitely gives it more of a festive feel. I switched up my regular pink floral bedding with this red and navy fairisle print set from Primark (£16). The reindeer throw (£5) and the red and white pillows (£7/£3) were also from Primark. I think this is a great, easy, inexpensive way to give your room a more Christmassy feel!

Accessories such as fairy lights and candles can also add that little something extra to your room. I picked up these white fairy lights from Primark for £3, and most of the candles I have in my room are from the Yankee Christmas collection…DIVINE!! Lastly, I placed some miniature baubles on my bedside table which I picked up from my local craft store for £7 (I think!) just because I thought it looked cute and Christmassy!

The first thing we decided to "make" were these super adorable Christmas jars. Again, really easy, really cheap. Everything we bought to make these were picked up from our local craft store. All you need is a clear glass jar, and then any christmassy type garland decorations to fill it! We opted for gold leaves, sparkly red berries, pine needles glittery stars and fake snow. Chuck 'em all in your jar, give it a shake, pop the lid on, tie a bow around it et voila! You're done! How easy was that?!

We also made some Christmas themed frames. All you need is a deep box frame, felt lettering, Christmas paper and Christmas decorations to fill your frame with. Open up the frame, glue the christmas paper to the inside back panel of the frame, place the decorations of your choice on the inside of the glass, put the frame back together and then stick a phrase of your choice on the front of the glass with the lettering. And thats it! Super simple but really effective!

So those are my ideas to spice up your room for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you try out any of these tips, be sure to let me know how you get on!


  1. I love those shadow boxes! Such a fun and easy idea! Also your bed looks so cozy! Love all the holiday blankets! I'm doing my first holiday DIY later this week :)

    sundays grace

  2. Beautiful ideas I just love the jar its so pretty :') I love Christmas too but always find the shop decorations the same so it's nice to make something unique and special xx

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