Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hvar is by far the most breathtaking place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, and was well worth the car, plane, bus and boat journeys it took to get there! 

The island itself is an idyllic sleepy town, with restaurants and bars overlooking the harbour, which is filled with everything from small fishing boats to large lavish yachts. When you explore the island further, you are met with beautiful beaches complete with crystal clear, aqua blue water. This place truly is Europe's hidden gem, an oasis of calm and serenity juxtaposed with it's lively, yet high-class nightlife.

Following a fatiguing day of traveling, 8 girls hauled 4 massive suitcases off a boat and down a rickety ramp, marking the beginning of what was set to be a remarkable week of sun, sea and memories that will last a life time.

Most days were spent relaxing by our villa's pool or down at the beach, whilst enjoying delicious home cooked (thanks to Lauren and Megan) lunches and dinners out on our terrace. When we did venture out to eat, we mainly headed down to the harbour, where we could take in the beautiful sights whilst enjoying the local delicacies that the island had to offer. 

A definite highlight of the trip was visiting Hula Hula beach club. During the day, you can relax on sunbeds that overlook the island's crystal waters whilst sipping on cocktails or devouring the delicious food from in-house restaurant Bubba Gump. However, the fun truly begins at 5pm, when a DJ emerges and the after beach party begins. The girls and I spent all evening drinking, dancing and watching the sunset - a night that was so special, it will stay with me forever.

Other highlights of the trip included: my brief attempt at paddle boarding (I lasted 15 minutes!), hiking up to the top of the island to take in the breathtaking views from Hvar's fortress, and wandering around the town's market stalls and boutiques. 

Before we knew it, our week of bliss had come to an end, and it was time to make the long trek back to Scotland. Our trip is one in which I'll never forget - I'm so lucky I got to share it with 7 of my very best friends. Hvar, you were a dream. Until next time...

S.B. x