Monday, 8 January 2018

Personal Goals for 2018

Ahh, New Year. The time where most of us wilfully vow to better ourselves - whether that be through diet, lifestyle, personal finances (I definitely need to jump on board that bandwagon) or through a long list of regretful resolutions we know deep down we won't stick to past April (flashback to the year I tried to give up fast food - I lasted 3 weeks).

In 2017,  I hold my hands up and admit I got lazy. There was countless tasks I started but didn't finish, lifestyle choices I was so excited about, but only stuck to for about a month, and endless evenings and days off spent basking in my own little sloth world in my cozy corner of the couch under a blanket with a glass of wine in hand. So, to curb my lazy tendencies and and habit of procrastinating, I've decided I need to challenge myself more, and start doing things that I enjoy, things that make me proud of myself and most importantly, things that make me happy.

So, this year, instead of laying down strict, and admittedly unrealistic New Year's resolutions, I've decided to set out a handful of personal goals I'd like to achieve this year - without putting any dates, deadlines or pressure on myself to be the best, most amazing, superhuman version of myself by the end of 2018! So, lets jump in:

Eat better

Towards the end of 2017, I changed my eating habits dramatically. Being completely honest, this was mostly due to a wager I had with my boyfriend that I couldn't get in the shape I wanted to by December. Side note: he loves me the way I am but was sick of me crying over ripped insta models and wishing my bloated belly away without actually doing anything about it.
After successfully eating much better, exercising and noticing changes in my body (the good kind) which made me feel so much more confident, I had proved to myself that the body image I longed for which I previously thought was so unattainable, was actually in my sights after all. Not only that - I was physically feeling so much better! No more stomach aches, strange bowel habits (tmi?) and much less fatigue. It was only after the Christmas indulgence that I noticed just HOW bad my body feels when I fill it with junk! So 2018's first goal is to keep up eating healthily and limiting my takeaway and alcohol intake. (everything in moderation right?)


Similar to the above, 2017 became the year I attempted exercise. After quitting dance at 16 years old, physical exercise of any sort wasn't on my radar. I was a straight up couch potato, and at almost 24, I was finally starting to feel the effects bad diet and little exercise had on my body. Now, I'd be lying if I said my main goal here wasn't to have a shredded banging body, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't get there. I'm aiming for 20 minutes of physical exercise a day, 4 days a week - doable right? Plus, the effect exercise has on my mental health is second to none. I was always sceptical when told going for a run, or working up a sweat would make me feel better but I can wholeheartedly admit that I was totally wrong, and no matter how much I hate working out during the session - I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.


I have a creative mind, and lately I've been missing learning new skills. From a young age I taught myself how to use Paint Shop Pro, then Photoshop (google image "photoshop blends" and you'll see the kind of stuff 10 year old Suzy was into), then Final Cut Pro, then Adobe After Effects and most recently Light Room (yes, I'm a bit of a geek, but I hold the title proudly). I love the feeling of mastering a new skill, especially if it helps me out with things i'm passionate about such as social media, blogging and photography.  This year, not only do  I want to expand my skills relating to my blog and social media - but I also want to expand my skills in makeup artistry (my full time job). The skill and technique makeup artists have these days is spectacular, and I'm dying to master the style of looks that are in demand at the moment - watch this space!


That being said - I miss making time to actually showcase what I've created, whether that be posting on my blog, sharing photography on Instagram or *gulp* getting back in to making YouTube videos (one step at a time!). Instead of just messing around and having a thousand practise runs, I want to start putting myself and my content out there again, and feeling confident in doing so (#nofear). So in 2018 expect to see more blog posts, more on the gram (@suzycamlin if you're interested) and perhaps a Youtube video or two...


I've seen this goal on a lot of fellow bloggers recent posts - but it's so true! We are all guilty of reaching for our phones when we're bored, or spending hours and hours a day mindlessly scrolling though Instagram, or having a quick check of Twitter before bed and I'm calling it - enough is enough. This year I am going to make a conscious effort to start reading books again. Realistically I'm going to try for 4 books this year, and actually take time out of my day to escape to a quiet corner of the house and just read, no distractions.

Say Yes

Sometimes I feel like my anxiety limits me. I often skip out on things because I'm afraid, but this year I am really going to try to say yes more. There's no better feeling than completing something you thought you couldn't, or walking out of a situation you thought you weren't going to survive in. So this year I want to challenge the part of my brain that keeps telling me I can't, start telling it I can, and start having more FUN!

Say No

On the flip side, I know my limits. I've definitely been known to be a bit of a pushover, "go with the flow" type of gal, and this year I am going to stop agreeing to things that I know will make me uncomfortable just to keep face. I need to try and learn its ok to be selfish sometimes and there's no big deal in saying no once in a while.

Okay, so, take what you will from these, if you are anything like me (#slothlife) I hope this ignites some fire and inspiration in you to get up, get out and make 2018 your bitch!

Until next time,
S.B x

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